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Medical Miracle for Cancer Patients -Electrochemotherapy (ECT)

Electrochemotherapy (ECT)  is a non- thermal tumour ablation modality,safe and effective on any  type  of  solid  tumour. Its   use  is  presently  standardized  to  skin  and  subcutaneous localizations,Whatever the tumour Histological origin.ECT is based on the local delivery of electric pulses that permeablize the cell membrane,allowing non-permeant or low-permeant anticancer drugs to enter the cell,thus magnifying their cytotoxicity by orders of magnitude . Treatment is safe very well tolerated by the patients, and efficacy  is very high. With further technological development of the electrodes,internal tumours will also be accessible to treatment with ECT.

ELECTROCHEMOTHERAPY – An  easy ,highly effective and safe treatment of cutaneous and sub cutaneous metastatses




The Indian cancer society and other organizations recommend paying attention to the seven warning signals of cancer:

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