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Organ Conservative – Oncology Middle aged gentleman presented to our clinic with a Soft Tissue Sarcoma (Cancer) of Biceps muscle –Right hand. He was offered amputation (Removal of Whole Hand) of Right hand elsewhere. 2 cycles of Neo Adjuvant Targeted Chemotherapy done in our centre and then surgical assessment done with Vascular Surgeon and Orthopedic Oncologist (surgeon). Compartmental Excision of Right Biceps muscle done. Patient’s hand preserved and planned for further cycles of Adjuvant Targeted Chemotherapy. Organ Conservation is vital in the practice of oncology…
Oncology - Chennai Cancer Care Hospital Conclusion - Abiding Trust Hospitals are meant to provide an environment that is conducive to rest, recuperation and better health. They ought to be spaces where a patient’s care comes foremost, where the full extent of medical knowledge and skill is harnessed in putting the wellbeing and recovery of the patient above all else. Trusted hospitals should instil confidence in the patient and their families, and ensure that care and service always come first. The goal of the Reader’s…
Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is a non- thermal tumour ablation modality,safe and effective on any type of solid tumour. Its use is presently standardized to skin and subcutaneous localizations,Whatever the tumour Histological origin.ECT is based on the local delivery of electric pulses that permeablize the cell membrane,allowing non-permeant or low-permeant anticancer drugs to enter the cell,thus magnifying their cytotoxicity by orders of magnitude . Treatment is safe very well tolerated by the patients, and efficacy is very high. With further technological development of the electrodes,internal tumours will…
Every year we celebrate for those who have survived,an Inspiration for those recently diagnosed ,a gathering of support for families, and an out reach to the community. A survivor is anyone living with a history of cancer from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life " Nothing is more beautiful than a smile has struggled through tears."



The Indian cancer society and other organizations recommend paying attention to the seven warning signals of cancer:

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